now i know why…

my dearest blog,

i’ve been spending almost one whole day since yesterday reading my old posts on you and on the other blog that i used to have. i was amazed with myself back then, on how well i wrote each entry. how i used bombastic vocabularies, metaphorical method of writing et cetera. wow, i was a poet back then!

now, my entries were mostly blunt and tasteless. no more emotion in the stories that i plan to tell. what has happened to me now? i did pass my english papers in SPM, so i should not be worried if english is going to be a compulsary subject need to pass.

suddenly i realized, those supernatural entries were the results of a tortured mind and soul. a weakling who struggles to be free from evil claws…well, it was back then. now, i am happy as a chimp if not king kong.

no wonder aku makin malas nak menulis….aku dah tak emo dah rupanya!


4 thoughts on “now i know why…

  1. ko nye blog dulu aku rasa sgt.. err.. apekat katanya ye.. gempak? tak jugak.. tapi ye lah, vocab berapi2 haha..

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