sosial secara rawak

dearest blog,

malam ni sejuk jadi otak saya beku hendak berbicara dalam bahasa penjajah.

macam mana otak pun boleh sejuk, bukankah manusia ni mamalia yang suhu badannya sentiasa stabil dalam lingkungan 37 derjah celcius?

manalah saya tahu, tangan saya pun sudah kebas-kebas.

kenapa kebas-kebas? kamu kat mana tu?

kat pejabat, hari isnin ada kertas kerja nak kena bentang kat ketsetneg. kena siapkan malam ni kalau taknak datang hari minggu…

ooo, sebab itu laa kamu tak ‘bersosial secara rawak’ minggu ni ya?

begitulah, tapi saya memang dah bagitau bos yang saya takkan ‘bersosial secara rawak’ minggu ni sebab nak siapkan kertas ni. bak kata orang inggeris, ‘you give some you take some‘ la kononnya saya dulu…tapi bos tukar keputusan pula, terpaksa men’jebat’ tapi nampak gayanya sekarang dah ok sikit.

biasalah tu, kita berbudi orang lain kena laa berbahasa betul tak? jadi, sekarang kertas dah selesai ke belum?

kertas saya dah selesai, tengah tunggu kawan bahagian sebelah tengah menjilid kertas dia. kami berdua je yang tinggal ni. balik rumah awal pun isteri tengah mengurusetiakan sesi sosial secara rawak kat zon tengah. itu pun saya suruh dia tukar, kalau tidak dia ke selatan.

baguslah kalau macam tu, bila nak balik ni? kamu ni gila ke apa cakap sorang-sorang?

haa tau pun, ingatkan kamu tak perasan saya tengah cakap sorang-sorang tadi. jadi, balik nanti buat apa?

balik nanti mandi dulu, lepas tu layan dvd!

kamik sik pande kelakar seghawak

dearest blog,

it was the first plane trip together for us, been looking forward to it since the day i activated my ‘jebat’ mode. it was an official trip to the land of the hornbills in the search of the new young ones to be extracted into the system. the system that in some places, may break you.

woke up early morning, with bags all packed. we planned to bring only one bag but after some thoughts, we decided that two bags are only sufficient to accomodate all the needs of the four days trip to miao miao land. thanks to our neighbour cum batch-made (napee), we brisked off to kl sentral, hoping to check-in there but dang! we were late by ten minutes.

hafta carry all the bags on board the erl…

arrived in klia with another hour to go before flight time, luckily the check-in counter was not that busy.

kreok kreok…ok, off to the tax-free mcd inside the airport.

“attention, calling for passenger en.z********* ****m and pn.s*** *******h, flight MH 2564. kindly go to gate A7 for immediate boarding”

somehow, gate A7 feels like it was at the end of the world.

day 1: touched down safely at KIA, fetched by an officer there. we checked in at crowne plaza, put the bags into the room and went to the waterfront straight away. half of a day is enough for a nice stroll along main bazaar road, browsing through antiques, layer-cake and gambier.

day 2: woke up early in the morning, 6.30 a.m. in kuching is like 8 a.m. in kl. had a nice sarawak laksa for breakfast at chong choon cafe, abell road (opposite city inn) just a few walking steps from crowne plaza. a marvellous way to start the day. mama and his boss went straight to the ‘centre’ afterwards while i went back to the hotel, basking myself in the sun at the pool side (eheheh..) while killing time before the ‘centre’ starts. the search for the new ‘young ones’ started that very night.

day 3: being in kuching, the search for the new ‘young ones’ is a very tiring and arduous task. since the ‘centre’ has no campus, we have to travel back and forth from the hotel to the ‘centre’. it really challenged us logistically and physically with the distance between those locations being a 30 minutes drive, we spent like an hour for each trip. if it was at the ‘centre’ in peninsular, one hour is good enough for a beauty nap before any activities.

day 4: the ‘centre’ finishes off at noon, giving space for some last minute shopping. since we have bought all the fabrics in the world (literally speaking) it’s time for food hunting. what else if not kek lapis…we eventually ended up with two big boxes of cakes which in the end only left us with two blocks about a brick size (saiz standard kek lapis lah!) of cake (yang lelain orang kirim je banyak).

kuching was great, crowne plaza was superb, the chicks assessed were marvellous (adeh!).

what else? the food were scrumptious and i got the privilege to be acquainted with a new beverage.

teh-c-special-peng (layan wooo menatang alah ni!)

consists of a layers of tea, evaporated milk and gula melaka. sometimes comes with layers of pandan and grass jelly (cincau)…