do you really can make a difference?

dearest blog,

dam dam dum!

owh, you can still get fireworks in various params. something to ponder upon.

the journey to the east coast started half past midnight with the anticipation of less traffic on the road but to no avail, there were like the whole of KL on east coast expressway that night.

rempiters revving their ‘montrous’ beasts, volution wannabes with 60 series tires…hadoi pecah perut!

left KL at 12.30 midnight, arrived safely in pulai chondong (chondong = italics kan?) around 10.30 a.m. next morning…apa hilang akal ke 10 jam dalam keter? poor mama since this is like the first time we celebrated eid in kelantan and she had to endure the long painstaking journey to the east (jelebu 2 jam je max kan mama kan? boleh ikut shortcut lagi...). before we continue on further, let us celebrate those who don’t want to make a difference…

presenting car #1

this fella cucuk angin like there’s no tomorrow, overtaking at double lines and when there’s an oncoming car from the opposite, he potong sayur‘ed right in front or from the side. he thinks driving altis is cool enough to do that? well, at least he’s not a volution wannabe.

next, car #2

this red (i don’t know what the model is) car came straight all the way from the back overtaking all the people who are making differences along the double line. (weh, gua pun hangin kancil kat depan ni slow tapi lek la brader!)

lastly, car #3

a seasoned car (notice the stock rims, meaning that this car in no wannabe) driven by some middle-aged pakcik with family on board. i don’t know whether this one theory that i learnt is true – makin alim pakcik tu, makin gangster dia drive.

celebrating eid in the east coast was marvellous with lotsa food. managed to meet up with all the relatives there (tahun ni mama follow raya, dapat jumpa pakcik yang kitorang sendiri lama tak jumpa – berkat kut). two cousins got engaged, a friend got married, all in a happy mood.

1st raya – family round trip day #1
2nd raya – family round trip day #2, a cousin got engaged. at night, a stroll around wakaf che yeh.
3rd raya – azra’s wedding followed by a trip to pengkalan kubur.
4th raya – siti khadijah’s turn, went back to KL.
5th & 6th – kong giler kat umah….
7th raya – travelled back to jelebu (nothing unusual that night – thank god)
8th raya – head down south to melaka.
9th raya – the bourne marathon (identity – supremacy – ultimatum) – pueh hati den!
10th raya – the most boring day in the office…lemau beb!

the simplest chronicles of eid ever, i think..hahah.

15th raya – turun melaka lagi – patutkah?