investment and infrastructure amenities

dearest blog,

i feel very tired (physically and mentally) working in this majestic building after some times. the sense of excitement is slowly withering away not as it used to be when i first stepped into this arena. maybe the line of duty is not of interest…

i believe most of us are facing this dilemma – doing something good but you don’t really feel good doing it. maybe i need a change of views or a change of scopes. or maybe, i need to be away from this majestic building, only to come back after 10 years?

i believe i am not the only one, there are quite a bunchful experiencing the feeling of not being noteworthy in the line of duty we are performing with eyes gawking at the monitor blankly…

i just wanna go back home, have a nice shower, turn on my new 32″ and channel surf!

if there’s nothing to surf about, start the car, go to uptown and buy some dvd’s!

life really rocks with cool gadgets!

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