the anniversary

dearest blog,

life is a bit easy today though the majestic building is a bit colder than the norm. the committe meeting was finally held yesterday, minutes have been prepared and submitted to the boss. tomorrow, i’m gonna take a day off to study. the competency exam is due next week and i haven’t study even a bit.

last weekend, took some time off with the family (nucleus and extended). off to penang on saturday, spent a night there and shot back to kl in the evening, just in time for the president’s retirement dinner held at marriot. penang was stillĀ as serene as when i left her. the beautiful places, the wonderful dishes though did not went to padang kota due to a misunderstatement.

line clear is the the best place for nasi kandar with the scrumptious fried chicken topped off with thick fish curry gravy. penang is heaven for food šŸ˜€

elsewhere, 4 ringgit dvds! a must grab item for the next trip…i go crazy bout it!

how time flies…today marks the 2nd anniversary of OZF. two years in service, tasting the bittersweet platter of this humble service. two years in service is relatively still new, far off from greatness.

anyway, happy 2nd anniversary to all fellow OZF!

the young man

dearest blog,

i had the most unusual dream yesterday, despite being so tired and stressed. in the dream there was a young boy who is so eager to venture out to the wide world soon after emerging from the cocoon he once resides in. the young man wanders through vast greenery, crossing bluish oceans and merging the orangey sunsets.

then he met with another man, about ten years his senior. the two of feel a bond between them and soon realized that they are the same man – only ten years apart. the younger man was amazed, hoping to know what future lies in front of him. anxious and curious, he started conversing with the older him.

younger young man (yym): may i know what it’s like being ten years older?
older young man (oym): it sucks definitely, i assure you.
yym: may i know why?
oym: why? firstly you turn out to be very boring, your lifeĀ is none theĀ fun nor extravagant. and you sit in front of the pc 10 hours a day!
yym: is it true?
oym: not entirely, well…you started off quite hip, attending events here and there. socializing with many many friends. hooked up with many girls. all the fun in the world, just name it – you’ll experience it.
yym: wow, that’s fun but why did you say sucks and boring?
oym: ok, you did experienced all that but after some time, you decide that you have had enough – which in my humble opinion is far from enough. you quit and changed job – from a prospect of earning 5 digits before you reach 30 to a humble notable desk job. remember the 10 hours i told you earlier?
yym: sounds bad, but is it that bad after all?
oym: hmmm, you were such a shopaholic prior the career change. well, at least after you changed job, you realized the true concept of money.
yym: i don’ t want to hear about it no more. tell me something not relating to us.
oym: well, david beckham moved to los angeles from real madrid.
yym: wait wait, you mean beck did leave manchester after all?
oym: yup, he did…
yym: tell me another thing…
oym: in the year 2005, whatever that is in your wish list, you managed to fulfil it except one.
yym: what is that one?
oym: that one, you just have to wait and see.
yym: it’s still a long way to go…sigh. one last question, when will i get married?
oym: you’ll get married, for sure and your future wife is the hottest that you can ever imagined.
yym: uh ummm…
oym: ok then, i have to go now…
yym: you have to go where?
oym: i did tell you that your future sucks right? well, i’m off to work now, though office hours finished like a couple of hours ago…

investment and infrastructure amenities

dearest blog,

iĀ feel very tired (physically and mentally) working in this majestic building after some times. the sense of excitement is slowly withering away not as it used to be when i first stepped into this arena. maybe the line of duty is not of interest…

i believe most of us are facing this dilemma – doing something good but you don’t really feel good doing it. maybe i need a change of views or a change of scopes. or maybe, i need to be away from this majestic building, only to come back after 10 years?

i believe i am not the only one, there are quite a bunchful experiencing the feeling of not being noteworthy in the line of duty we are performing with eyes gawking at the monitor blankly…

i just wanna go back home, have a nice shower, turn on my new 32″ and channel surf!

if there’s nothing to surf about, start the car, go to uptown and buy some dvd’s!

life really rocks with cool gadgets!