so you think you know me?

dearest blog,

tad broed in the ofcife i dceiedd to crtaee tihs tset…i ivntie you poelpe to tkae tihs tset. good lcuk!

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15 thoughts on “so you think you know me?

  1. Zaha. remember me? dah kawin?! melepas aku. (kidding!) HEHEHEHE. *waves to Zaha’s wifey, hi. saje je melawak*

    sorry i’ve been a hermit. hence, i missed your wedding. i’m sure it was a blast. mana gambo nak tengok?

    Congrats yah! Aku dah kuar dr bwh tempurung.

  2. haz dear…congrats finally kuar dari tempurung…BNM really coops u up. nak tgk gambo meh dtg me!

    (aku malas dah nak buzz ko, selalu tak jawab)

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