remembering the year

dearest blog,

it has¬†already been a year since i started blogging in wordpress after moving out from blogdrive, the provider for all my ramblings for almost 3 years. yes people, i have been blogging since end 2002 at blogdrive (which the firewall in this majestic building classifies as ‘prohibited chat site’)…who chat in a blog anyway?

secretary-general can be such a cool person to eat durian by the roadside with, plus eating porcupine rendang for lunch…

“what is that? tastes like chicken but the texture of the meat is like mutton”

back in the meeting room,

“in case you guys are wondering, the rendang that we had just now was porcupine’s”
“what, porcupine???”

how’s life? it’s cool, fun and happening inspite having flight’s delay for more than 3 hours in a small town that proclaims itself as city. we do have a so called city up north, with airport that shuts off the lights when there’s no flight arriving or departing and a request to have flyover coming from main road to the airport entrance. be realisitic, the airport only has two gates…i repeat, TWO GATES! like there’ll be much traffic.

i am married, yes. i love the idea of being married notwithstanding the concept of not being single anymore. sometimes has to abide to unwritten rules of thumb of not being single. i just don’w want to end like this poor fella below…

this sure does hurts!

owh, i almost forgot…syabas malaysia…malaysia boleh! 1-5, 0-5, 0-2 are such nice numbers! see what the iranians think about us here