one fine saturday

dearest blog,

as far as what i’ve planned, i am supposed to be driving up east to k*uala teren*gganu today. maybe, at this time around i’ve passed the town of kema*man but what the hell am i doing scribbling nothing here when i am supposed to be driving? well, the trip was cancelled…err, the trip was not cancelled but my participation is hence me sitting alone sipping down a grande caramel frapp at starb*ucks damansara*ra uptown. totally pissed with this one gred khas VK*7

he’s the main reason why i have to drive when the plane ticket has been booked for me. it’s all because we need to bring all his RO’s there to join the trip. since the RO’s are not entitled for a plane ticket, someone has to drive them…(wow, i am now unofficially a driver!). nevermind, i don’t really mind (not!)…and at the very last minutes, their participation is cancelled – meaning: i will not go.

pissed and emoed, i salvaged the office laptop and sit down here sipping caramel frapp while my beloved is in melaka with the family (i was supposed to join them in melaka but this cancelled KT trip prohibits me to).

damn, i am such an emo!

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