the seventh day

dearest blog,

i feel very different today, from the time that i woke up until now my mind seems to be wandering and roaming around this thick skull of mine. i feel jitters that i’ve never felt before. i’m thinking seriously but not that hard. i am scared but not paranoid. the butterfly is my stomach seems to be gushing even harsher.

come again today next week, i’ll endeavour a new journey in my life. i’ll make a transformation that is definitely not the same as today. been looking forward to the day and finally it comes. i am happy but at the same time concerned. ah, to hell with all those. i should be happy, head up straight and endure all these as a man. am i not prepared? well, at least i have the guts to go on with my life.

what’s left in the past is history, some sweet and some are not. the definition of sweetness is when the failures become the guides for the present and future. we hoped not to fall into the same hole twice but sometimes we did fall in it again and again. it is no shame, just get up and walk again. the best thing in life is when we reminisce the past and we smiled. smiled because it happened to us, not to others. smiled because the sweetness in life come to us though it did not stay long. though sometimes we let go some of the sweetness away, we did it for a reason and the reason of it is only for us to know.

in one more week, i am taking life’s greatest journey. for all who give me their supports, i thank you all. as for the critics and non-believers, believe it…and it’s not ripley’s.

damn, i also didn’t believe it – at first. seven more days people!

9 thoughts on “the seventh day

  1. bro, ko dah hantar kad kat umah aku ke? since aku tak dapat dtg, aku wakilkan parents aku je la eh. selamat pengantin baru bro!

  2. don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

    try to smile you to look great for the big day..

    and please extend this to Beth too!

  3. you’ll be okay bro, coz i’ll be there. don’t worry about all the things the tok kadi will ask you. that is what frens for, rite? eh, could you text me what time the ceremony is?

  4. i’ll be there. medcham, kita gi sama nak?

    were u regarding me when u mention the non-believers? LOL.. i have faith in u 😉

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