the chicken dumpling

dearest blog,

it’s good to run away from the office once in a while. run away from the demanding tasks that seem neverending and away from the restraining chair that prohibits me from going anywhere. i went up north to sungai petani – the place where i first conggregated with fellow hopefuls to be assessed before joining this majestic system. this time, i went there to be on the other side – to assist the progress of assessing new arms to the machinery. it was total fun, able to be there and watch the whole selection process made me wonder how i was assessed back then. it has been two years since i experienced the selection process and being there again brings back lots of memories. coincidence you may call it but the first room that i attend to was the first room i came in two years ago…

the selection process went well i guess, maybe little glitches here and there but still manageable. maybe because i have my darling up there with me to help me sort things out since it was my first time handling such responsibilities (thanx love!). to sum things up, i enjoyed this first experience and can’t wait for the next session this coming weekend somewhere in the east coast (kemaman) – talk about an all expenses paid holiday trip ;p

on the way back to KL, we made a pit stop in kuala kangsar. i’ve promised my dearest that i’ll bring her to the place where i grew up (literally) on our way up to sungai petani. go round the old royal town, we had lunch by the river or ‘Lembah‘ as we budak koleq call it- grilled catfish with ‘air asam‘ is total madness! later on, we went window-shopping at the handicraft mall and since the sun is scorching hot, a trip to the ‘cendol & laksa‘ bazaar is a must. in fact, the bazaar is a must visit spot if you are to be in KK one day. after that, we made a round trip on top of bukit chandan circling the royal palace and then into the SAS gallery. funny how the gallery has been up there all this while and i never even took a chance to visit though i (literally) spent my teenage years there.

a trip to KK is never complete without stopping at Yut Loy for some pau’s and ‘kopi ais kaw‘. after the gallery’s visit, we went down straight to YL. the reputable pau’s are known to sold out rather early especially during old boy’s weekend (one even had to make a reservation prior the trip to KK in order to ensure its availability) hence to be able to be in KK during ‘low-season’ is an advantage. as a results, i had like 6 chicken and 2 red-beans pau’s after sharing a plate of chicken-chop and a plate of wan tan hoe with my dearest. to wash it all down, two ‘kopi ais kaw‘ will always do the trick. YL’s ‘kopi ais kaw‘ is unbeatable, at least to me!

KK trip ended with a visit around my beloved alma-mater with stories to tell about each dorms, about why the roman-graeco pillars are called ‘the lift’, about how a person can climb like spiderman along the ‘stairway’, about where the ghost has been sighted, about the the mute trick to an almost deaf teacher. it’s good to be back although for just a few minutes…to the place where men were born.

stuffed and full, we continue the journey back to good ol KL with me having the super-lazy feeling to go to the office on the next day. well, can’t wait for the kemaman’s trip next weekend – enjoying the sun and definitely Hai Peng!

(sorry there were no pictures taken since we were enjoying the food so much we forgot to snap..eheh)