first cut is the deepest

dearest blog,

work will never end, not even until death comes. even when you are dead, the work that you left will be passed on to another person, hence the statement earlier on is proved. managed to complete my assignment, leaving the sunday free for me to cherish what life has to offer. it all comes with a price, not that i am complaining but just telling. telling to those who think that we only want to conquer, only come to their offices and be their bosses.

to cut the crap, those who works half-day, works half-day.

the fingers of mine sting from papercuts, something that is not a custom previously. i never knew that i have it, not until when i wanted to shower. my fingers sting, the feeling went straight to the bone. is it because of the papers or is it due to my handling of them. i just call them my battle-scar. the scar that i get from battling intense emotional war within me. nevermind that, what’s important everything went well. i completed the task, waiting for it to bounce back to me before be presented to the ministers.

enough about work. work alone cannot complete life, life is more than that. life is to be enjoyed (cliche).

weekend is to be enjoyed, feel the warm sunday afternoon, enjoying the sun, breathing the air – even if it’s raining. spending time with the love of my life will never satisfy me. it’s not like the olives in a chicken caesar salad – two is good, more than that is torture. with her, two is always good, more is better and infinity is the best. that reminds me how i despise olives, never liked it though i tried. sliced thinly on a pizza is acceptable, whole seeded in a salad is unbearable.

i say thing much too early. the director has just buzzed me to tell of a new assignment, looks like i’m off for another mission, for the betterment of the nation that we love the most. operational duties are never easy…

sometimes, it is hard to forget about the past – when you least expected it.

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