the day when the rain falls on checkered eyes

dearest blog,

i see boxes everywhere!

i rubbed my eyes, itching from yesterday’s unsleepable night. thoughts flowing like rain drops, pouring and streaming down. sweats dry off easily with the cold ambience of the lightened hall of the majestic office.

am i happy? indeed i am! boohoo!

been doing boxes using the software, filling the boxes with numbers, sorting the statistics page by page left me with an empty stomach.

it is raining, it rains heavily. a nice moment to sleep but can i sleep? can i even take a nap? even when the proper sleeping hours were disturbed, let alone the slumber long gone. weather unpredicted, rain and shine come and go. what am i gibbering?

move on, look to new horizons. seek and you will find. let go, you’ve been here for too long. just follow the signs…

time is a healer while love is a stranger. so put the hurt behind you, break the chains and find you…

fall deep, doesn’t really matter. once you wake up where you start don’t forget, could be for the better. just follow your heart…

gold versus maroon, such a nice combination with a dash of cream will surely raise the mood. the king had his wardrobe, the queen had hers. both compliments the fulfilling needs to one another.

with the pressure comes to a boiling point, no one knows when it’ll fall…even with armin van buuren playing on the background.

i hate this week – even it still has another day of work (maybe 2 or 3?) – period!

2 thoughts on “the day when the rain falls on checkered eyes

  1. yeah, too bad if everyday is a bad!
    it will be over soon,believe that? haha..

    nice blog eh? saw many people responding to yours..

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