of coffees, furnitures and a place to stay

dearest blog,

having a cold caramel cream coffee under the shade with mist blowing from a giant-sized fan was unexplainable. being with the person that i love the most, sharing her java-chip frap while doing some fact findings was calming. it has been a while since we last sit there. the atmosphere of the flea market not so far from the place was very inviting as it has grown bigger since our last visit. talk about cheap cute stuffs, cool sunglasses (this is like the only visit that we didn’t bought any sunglass – i think). java-chip was nice but caramel cream was even nicer (i have such a sweet tooth).

scouting for a place to stay is a very tedious job. finding the right location, the best deal that we can get within our budget, small place is big enough for two, what furnitures go where et cetera…

locationwise, find a place that’s situated exactly in the middle of both locations as possible or the dream area of mine or low density populated area. i always like damansara especially the damansara mutiara or perdana area (that’s why we loved to hang out there). one property that i have in mind for quite some time which dated since before the project was launch is the opal damansara but i truly know, owning one is only a dream. it was a dream of mine not so long ago and somehow it’s still is. seriously, should i pay 350k over for a 3 rooms semi-d style condominium with only a leasehold tenure? i guess i love the modern contemporary style of living but sometimes things changed as time goes by. it’s better for me to get a cool apartment in bukit jalil and a celica with those money..don’t you think?

celica, i’ve been dreaming so much about you lately…

13 thoughts on “of coffees, furnitures and a place to stay

  1. do you NEED a celica? ponder mate, ponder 😉

    eh, best la damansara perdana. beli la. if u mampu, then i pon nak beli gak ar. :P~

  2. i heard this one statement from someone..if those things can make you happy, buy it! eheheh…

    DP mmg kewl dowh, dah la dekat dengan curve, cineleisure, ikano & ikea…drive sikit sampai OU, then nak makan ada uptown 1 & 2…pastu dah ada citibank. demit rega mahal…lain laa if i keje pet bonus 9-10 bulan. ahaha!

  3. nak tunggu celica tu turun harga..kena tunggu AFTA la..tu pun belum tentu akan turun..of course segala macam tax akan impose semata² nak maintain harga celica tu..dan nak safeguard Proton ngan Perodua..beli je nyah kalau dah suka..uolls pun leh tumpang naik.

  4. i know how being a gemini, we love to dream..

    dream is good, coz at times it’s actually achievable.

    nanti ar tunggu i konfem jawatan dulu, then i consider of buying a property. nak mintak bapak taja 3/4 fundings la,. hahahahah

  5. if boleh carik bapak gula, lagi menarik. mcm2 i nak mintak sponsor. tp tak sanggup nak gadai body aje la. hahaha..(eh, ke sanggup? LOL)

  6. carik rumah lelong la zaha.. rm350k tu ko bole beli 2 condo saiz 1000++ square feet.. kalo ko nak beli gak yg baru.. rm350k tu baik guna utk beli rumah 2 tingkat.. lagi puas hati..

  7. faruq : mama gula nak gak oang kawen yg muda. haha. since u dah jadi furniture kat opis, apa salahnye gunakan masa pejabat utk entertain ‘client’.. haha

    zaha : i so wish if not bapak gula, anak bapak pon would drool over me. LOL

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