what i really need now

dearest blog,

you know what i need the most now?

it’s not caramel macchiato…
it’s not an aussie size spaghetti scampi…

what i really need the most now is a good rest, lying on a warm mattress or dipping myself in a warm jacuzzi.

my back really hurts…

first cut is the deepest

dearest blog,

work will never end, not even until death comes. even when you are dead, the work that you left will be passed on to another person, hence the statement earlier on is proved. managed to complete my assignment, leaving the sunday free for me to cherish what life has to offer. it all comes with a price, not that i am complaining but just telling. telling to those who think that we only want to conquer, only come to their offices and be their bosses.

to cut the crap, those who works half-day, works half-day.

the fingers of mine sting from papercuts, something that is not a custom previously. i never knew that i have it, not until when i wanted to shower. my fingers sting, the feeling went straight to the bone. is it because of the papers or is it due to my handling of them. i just call them my battle-scar. the scar that i get from battling intense emotional war within me. nevermind that, what’s important everything went well. i completed the task, waiting for it to bounce back to me before be presented to the ministers.

enough about work. work alone cannot complete life, life is more than that. life is to be enjoyed (cliche).

weekend is to be enjoyed, feel the warm sunday afternoon, enjoying the sun, breathing the air – even if it’s raining. spending time with the love of my life will never satisfy me. it’s not like the olives in a chicken caesar salad – two is good, more than that is torture. with her, two is always good, more is better and infinity is the best. that reminds me how i despise olives, never liked it though i tried. sliced thinly on a pizza is acceptable, whole seeded in a salad is unbearable.

i say thing much too early. the director has just buzzed me to tell of a new assignment, looks like i’m off for another mission, for the betterment of the nation that we love the most. operational duties are never easy…

sometimes, it is hard to forget about the past – when you least expected it.

the day when the rain falls on checkered eyes

dearest blog,

i see boxes everywhere!

i rubbed my eyes, itching from yesterday’s unsleepable night. thoughts flowing like rain drops, pouring and streaming down. sweats dry off easily with the cold ambience of the lightened hall of the majestic office.

am i happy? indeed i am! boohoo!

been doing boxes using the software, filling the boxes with numbers, sorting the statistics page by page left me with an empty stomach.

it is raining, it rains heavily. a nice moment to sleep but can i sleep? can i even take a nap? even when the proper sleeping hours were disturbed, let alone the slumber long gone. weather unpredicted, rain and shine come and go. what am i gibbering?

move on, look to new horizons. seek and you will find. let go, you’ve been here for too long. just follow the signs…

time is a healer while love is a stranger. so put the hurt behind you, break the chains and find you…

fall deep, doesn’t really matter. once you wake up where you start don’t forget, could be for the better. just follow your heart…

gold versus maroon, such a nice combination with a dash of cream will surely raise the mood. the king had his wardrobe, the queen had hers. both compliments the fulfilling needs to one another.

with the pressure comes to a boiling point, no one knows when it’ll fall…even with armin van buuren playing on the background.

i hate this week – even it still has another day of work (maybe 2 or 3?) – period!

of coffees, furnitures and a place to stay

dearest blog,

having a cold caramel cream coffee under the shade with mist blowing from a giant-sized fan was unexplainable. being with the person that i love the most, sharing her java-chip frap while doing some fact findings was calming. it has been a while since we last sit there. the atmosphere of the flea market not so far from the place was very inviting as it has grown bigger since our last visit. talk about cheap cute stuffs, cool sunglasses (this is like the only visit that we didn’t bought any sunglass – i think). java-chip was nice but caramel cream was even nicer (i have such a sweet tooth).

scouting for a place to stay is a very tedious job. finding the right location, the best deal that we can get within our budget, small place is big enough for two, what furnitures go where et cetera…

locationwise, find a place that’s situated exactly in the middle of both locations as possible or the dream area of mine or low density populated area. i always like damansara especially the damansara mutiara or perdana area (that’s why we loved to hang out there). one property that i have in mind for quite some time which dated since before the project was launch is the opal damansara but i truly know, owning one is only a dream. it was a dream of mine not so long ago and somehow it’s still is. seriously, should i pay 350k over for a 3 rooms semi-d style condominium with only a leasehold tenure? i guess i love the modern contemporary style of living but sometimes things changed as time goes by. it’s better for me to get a cool apartment in bukit jalil and a celica with those money..don’t you think?

celica, i’ve been dreaming so much about you lately…

round and round

dearest blog,

the world revolves endlessly day in and out. life is a cycle that we must abide to. tiring to the bone, we endure the cycle. the past few weeks were rather hectic since the office is organizing the annual dinner and i was in charge of the performance (not that i am going to perform tho…). i’ve to deal with artists and dancers (were they cute!). the event went well, i am damn tired due of lack of sleep. whatever it is, life is a cycle that revolves endlessly.