who stays?

dearest blog,

it’s just past lunch hour and i’m already a zombie. definitely my mind cannot be truly focused on the task given – go figure! the morning was filled with activities that involve chocolates (load of them!) and coffees (even much more!) as i try to rethink and restructure back all the tasks at hand according to the level of prioritiness. there are like two main tasks need to be dealt with outside source, while one require internal cooperation between the commune. having to deal with outside source means no absolute control on the outcome that i want to expect. well, that is the nature of my job which i dreaded quite mostly.

informations were received mostly during at the end of the work day, resulting in hours of staying back without overtime allowances in order to finish in time (i.e. the next day). people always comment that the job i’m in is the easiest of all…

* arrive at eight, eight thirty at the most
* can have tea breaks at half past ten
* lunch hour that can go for couple of hours
* leave exactly at five p.m. sharp
* oh yes, you can go to the banks or post office in between that in order to settle your chores…

for those who think that this the easiest job in the world, i beg to differ. for those who wrote articles belittling us, i only ask you to check your facts for one more time. it’s all revolve around one simple equation…who stays and who goes back when the music sings?

7 thoughts on “who stays?

  1. i go back when the music sings. seriously. and frankly, i dun really fancy being a furniture in the office. it depletes my brain. no kidding.

  2. elaun wilayah fiqa…u shud go to sarawak then if nak gaji sama cam pirates..ehehehe. xpun tukar skim DG, posting pedalaman. err, betul jadi ke elaun smpi 1.5k tuh?

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