water lily

dearest blog,

ever heard the statement, money is like water but water is no way like money. indeed it is true, it is never easy to control the cashflow no matter how we try to control it. effortlessly we service the compounding interests monthly, the pantry fees at the office for few slices of bread and a cup of coffee for breakfast daily, monthly department’s fund where the collected money has no definite purpose…well said, the world revolve around money. can we really tell how much is enough? how to clearly state that i have enough? if i have millions and millions, will it ever be enough? all this makes me miss caramel macchiato.

planning a wedding demands great efforts and labors. the weekend was filled with discussions on what colour to wear, what type of gifts are going to be given to the guests, how the menus should be et cetera. i can say that almost 65% is confirmed, waiting for the fund to mature and be dispersed respectively.

i admit that i can be ignorant towards others feeling, even to the closest person that i have…what to do, i am a blank person.

4 thoughts on “water lily

  1. haha. u can run but u cant hide. zaha, u and i belong to the same star. we believe in the same things. so changes in u and me are always significant, if not prominent.

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