of changes and swoosh

dearest blog,

finally, the day is over. it has been such a lazy monday or a mundane monday as what i always love to put it. the bosses are not around, maybe due to the late night flight they endured last night. most of them were in langkawi for the weekend doing some strategic planning thingy for the office with the launching of the new corporate logo that look more to a Nike logo with the ‘swoosh’ thingy in bright red. yes, ‘Just Do It!’ with a capital J is the new unofficial tagline for the office. you were to told to write something the ‘A’ way but after few premonitions (so called), let us change it to the ‘B’ way (with only few hours left towards the dateline)..ok, just do it! whether you like it or not.

well, my name was initially in the list of attendees to langkawi but was later chopped off. maybe i’m too junior to go, maybe my ideas and fundamentals will not be suitable for the corporate change towards the future. nevermind that, but i am dumbfounded when some juniors of mine who barely sets foot in the office were selected. there goes hours af staying backs, down the drain without recognitions. i feel kind of downhearted, since i got some plans on things to be done while on the island apart from contributing some ideas. nevertheless, i don’t really mind. i’ll let the others dolphin themselves while i lay quietly at the bottom of the ocean with a lamp to myself – go deep, lay low is the lanternfish style. after all, most juniors were there as rapporteurs, so i think i am lucky enough to escape since i still get my chocolates (though not as much as if i went there by myself) and a well-wanted perfume for the hantaran.

talking about job, the burden has lessen since the deputy director general (DDG) has been promoted to a higher post and was transferred to a new office. the director was well aware of the burden at hand but dare not counter the order of the then DDG (well, the Nike syndrome…). since he has moved, most of the task has been handed over to the respective departments. while waiting for the new DDG, the life in the office is a breeze. there are times for coffees, newspapers, chuzzle and some web-browsing for the perfect card and doorgift. i should have known that life is so much easier with the creation of the internet with everything is within reach with just a click.

finished reading a book at the office (i got time to read a book today!). a 74 pages book that i order last friday was just in from the mail today. a bit ashamed to tell the whole world about the title of the book actually (blushing a bit!). finished reading in less than an hour since most of the ideas in the book were already common to me. i do know a lot (i think) but i just don’t really practice and emphasize it much to my daily miserable life..kudos to me!

many things can happen and change in a year. went to bangsar last night and i am quite suprise to see the new bangsar village complex has been officially opened. took a stroll inside and i can smell the sense of richness in there with designer’s boutique on each floor, exclusive and excuisite stores with expensive ashtrays and toothpicks holders. if thing can change, a man too can change if he opts to change. a conversation with two of my closest colleagues last friday ponders me. do we really change or we just think that we have change but somehow we actually did not change much? how to define a change, whether just by looking at the change on the outside when the inside of the change is something uncertain or vague? can you consider yourself has changed but somewhere down the lane you realized that opting to change was not something that you really wants?

actually, that is not the point. i drifted away from the main point of the subject matters. while strolling the floors of the complex, i reconciled the past…the days when i will walk into such stores and came out with a shopping bag if not two. with a strict self-disciplined regime now, i am controlling myself like what my mom always said to me, “in order to gain something, we must be cruel sometimes, even to ourselves”. i do miss my

* coffees (the expensive ones)
* t-shirts (that come with a paper bag upon payment)
* nights out (loud thumping noise type of outing) – well, maybe i’ll skip this 🙂

wow, this is such an entry…

3 thoughts on “of changes and swoosh

  1. woohoo..kudos bro! anyway i think i know what book you read. nahh we do not need that kind of book nowadays (like i really know what book you read). ahaha..that is only pre-marriage life bro..more to come..trust me.

  2. i couldnt agree more with ur mum. sumtimes we have to sacrifice a whole lot things in order to gain a smaller achievement. anyway, i know u r sacrificing those things that u’ve missed for a far better life in the future. we will always behind u abang. chaiyok!!

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