the tears that you never see

dearest blog,

i have been treating you really bad now. you are not updated, easy! whenever i try to write on something, that something seems to be lost. when i think i had something to ramble on, words just don’t came out. there were issues, there were things happening in my life but whenever i try to express it out…mind block! err, i think i am doing my entry blindlessly today. bear in mind if there’s no ‘penanda wacana‘ involved…heh! that was such a hard paragraph. 

okay, let me try for a second paragraph…i have been thinking quite a lot lately (not that i’m the type who don’t think at all..ahaha!) thoughts and views on life problems. well, you can run but you can’t hide. that is a quote that relatively can be associated with dealing with problems. upon watching the new digi commercial on the tube, that weird creepy looking yellow figures somehow resemble the thing we call problem. problems are everywhere aren’t they? imagine the yellow creatures as problems, the whole of the nation is problem-plagued then…ahahah!

sometimes, we tend to ignore others feeling. in result, we will have emotions running loose. i am such an ignorant person…duh!

2 thoughts on “the tears that you never see

  1. erk..apsal post ni ngn post blank tu ala2 cam nak sama jer ngn my post “tired”? are we facing the same blankness problem. huh

  2. it’s that cycle la dude. at times, u cant dictate bit by bit of the things dats happening. maybe all u could do is to summarize them.

    while summarizing nanti, maybe u’d notice that most things are indeed on singular problem but with different backgrounds and characters.

    cheers dear!

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