adagio for strings

dearest blog,

have you ever realized that potholes in our country can cost you a pair of nike? i never had such an idea until i was robbed by potholes (not literally) few days ago. the evil potholes slam me to the side and injuring my front left tyre, denting some rims. as a result, i was robbed. that much money can buy me a new pair of nike if not aldo and made me miss one big event that i’ve been looking forward to join since like last year? sometimes, we have to make difficult choices even if we are going to be the subject of ridicule and sarcasm of other people we called friends…without friends life is nothing, with friends life is meaningful and so full of love even if we are ridicule and made fun of, but all that make our life merrier and cherrier…

talking about preparations for the big event (not a big as rev3lation/revel4tion in size though), i am dumbfounded…there were like so many things need to be done. a lot! abundant!

went to harvey norman, saw this 60 inch lcd tv…showing tiesto in concert. man…was i flying!

5 thoughts on “adagio for strings

  1. nevermind if the event that i meant here is not the event as posted, but we understand your situation…we also understand how much the WNA meant to u…so we didn’t mind, but we did appreciate ur upmost cooperation.heheh.

  2. dear hosmet, if u r refering to my statement that morning, please dont think that i meant every word that i said. aku memain aaa…. i totally understand your situation. if i dont, i will tarik u off your bed and take u to shower.. erkkk… no, i will leave u in the bathroom while waiting outside..

    i must admit, we were wishing u where there to enjoy the laugh, bbq, paintball and everything. but there’s surely gonna be another event andby that time, ko dah kaya raya.. huhu.. take it easy yeh mate!

  3. assistdirect a.k.a. my adik cacah: i am married to WNA first so i have to take good care of ‘her’…sekali dia merajuk susah mau pujuk woo!

    chech: nama je satu batch ek? ehehe…good to have you around!

    Pirates: tau la keter lu kilat…ahahah. erk, apa ko cakap pagi tadi pun aku tak berapa ingat

  4. ko memang!! tak penah nak jaga hati dan perasaan erin!! eh, skang aku nak tukar ke nama erika leh tak? mengambil sempena nama gadis hot dalam citer dunia baru… huhuhu… instead of Baby J Erin.. aku nak letak nama Baby J Erika.. kahkahkah

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