the longest hour

dearest blog,

everything feels like yesterday – including tiesto. tiesto was excellent, the feeling of being tranced by world’s no.1 DJ is exhilirating though it was in march. the point is, tiesto happened in march but i feel it like yesterday…

everything flashes in retrospectives…

another one on 2007

dearest blog,

realizing that it’s already 3 days into 2007, i managed to devour some missing link in my life that i know has been forgotten for some time (or at least i misplaced in somewhere in my skull). another year has come and people keep on talking about resolutions and more resolutions. does it really count to have new year’s resolutions? to me personally, as stated in my previous entry resolutions are mere guidelines for a better life. to achieve it is a victory…well, here are some resolutions that i think i can at least achieve…

* try to read more books (i have several books that i’ve bought last year – due to my insensible shopping addictness)
* exercise/jog (or at least dome some sit-ups)…i think i am getting fat, my shirt’s collar is getting hard to button.
* smoke less (well, maybe this is just a dream – to quit totally is kind of impossible, maybe to reduce it is more sane).
* take good care of my beloved car (all the dents and scratches must go, and the horrible sound too…the FC is worsening.) – after all, all the hard earned pay goes to my second baby (my fiancee comes first ok!)
* work hard (ok, i’ve to be forced to stay back) – if there’s a work need to be done, do it zaha!
* a DSLR and an LCD tv (yeah, serious!)
* be a more romantic person (i know i am lacking in that – period!)

well, enough for now!