two o o seven

dearest blog,

sometimes things fly by so fast you just don’t realize it. as for 2006, it has ended, and i still cannot believe that 2006 is over. let us not talk about the sadness of leaving 2006 but let us look forward to 2007. another new year, few more new resolutions to be achieved. do we need a new year’s resolution? will it make any different to our life?

the answers may varies depending on to whom the question is asked. personally, resolutions are just guidelines in becoming a better person and the benchmark to my achievements. i don’t really have a new year’s resolution since the one i made for 2006 is something not to be proud of. maybe i need to review them and further enhanced the resolutions and hoping for the best that i can achieve at least some rather than none in 2007.

i know that i am financially quite unstable but i just couldn’t care less. personal finance is a neverending story you can tell up to 10 generations. define enough? how much is enough? how will you know that you have enough? enough cushion to support you when you fall, enough savings to keep you well-fed during your latter years or maybe just enough to make ends meet. i know that i don’t have enough and to me nothing can come close to enough. give 10 ringgit and i can survive for two days or give 10 grands and i can spend it all in less than 30 minutes…(a 42 inch lcd & a dslr camera). well, i think i know what i am lacking….it is called self-discipline. so (with god’s will):

no more impulse shopping (the hardest part i guess…i just love to shop) – ok, control!

to become better is always a goal, to really achieve it is a victory.

i am getting married in a few months time and i am starting to freak out. will i manage? will i endure? can i prepare myself – physically, emotionally, mentally and financially?

life, it is full of questions that you don’t even know the answer…

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