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one ring that bind them both

the 'hantarans'
hantarans from my side

the 'hantarans'
hantarans from both sides

my mum putting on the ring
officiating the ceremony

the rings
the rings on her finger

the friends
my fiancĂ©e and some of the friends who came and became the dulang-bearers…thanks!

one step closer…

dearest blog,

i don’t know how i should feel…
should i be happy or should i freak out or should i just relax and let the wind blows past me? but one thing that i know for sure, i am excited i just can’t do my work properly now…

you wonder why?

with God’s will, i am going to be engaged this coming weekend!!!


self control

dearest blog,


i went to this shopping mall…
i held two nice neckties and a pin-striped slacks in my hand…
i have asked the salesgirl to write me the sales memo for the hush puppies comforter set…
i put them all back…
and i feel proud of myself…

pat pat pat….