festivities activities

dearest blog,

the office is really quiet today. everyone is in the festive mood. more seats are empty today compared to yesterday. the road has less traffic than the day before and i have less mood than last week. damn, i should be taking my day off today, following the crowd and not be left out of the scene…

nevermind, at least i can lounge around in the office doing nothing since most of my counterparts are on leave too, meaning there’s no information to be extracted and no datas to be collected. ketupat and rendang is on everyone’s mind.

the hype and urge to shop never fails. with the latest technologies in media advertising, people are persuaded to buy more and more. more than they ever needed. the power of psy-op! the mind is manipulated until you cannot stand the propaganda generated and you let your goodself drown into the whirlpool.

for those who drives, please drive carefully. if you can’t wait to go to the grave, please don’t drag others…

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