shopaholic – for one more day

dearest blog,

monday blues struck…to me it’s more like a monday haze. my vision blurs, my anticipation lacklustres, my oh my… why must we suffer the haze? to suffer from others doing is somehow kinda normal this day. victim of situation…we suffer the haze from a forest fire somewhere, i suffer traffic congestion from a stalled van nowhere to be seen (until it was like 50 metres away).

why are we so kind-hearted that we need to slow down and stop whenever there is an accident or stalled vehicle? pick your own nose, don’t dig into others. err, i think i am somewhat selfish today.

weekend is over, two days full of laziness and haziness has ended (the haze is still here to stay and worsens). no more breaking fast with pasta and grilled lamb or enjoying a cold glass of ‘for surely no nutrients’ carbonated drink while munching fish chips under the full moon (have your notice the moon is so red lately?). spending time with friends, quality time surely fly fast. relaxing under a full moon surely brings back the memories of the deserted island full of little pigs somewhere in the straits of malacca. sharing thoughts and laughters under the coconut trees while once in a while staring at the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost flying by. those were the days, the days where sitting in front of the computer is far from the mind. counting figures day in and day out just to make sure the nation progresses as it should be is not a task to look forward to…well, those were days.

i’ve made a sin yesterday. i was so bored i opted to spend some time off by myself. eventually, i bought something, or maybe a few things but they are not clothes or shoes or any accessories although the white leather belt from topshop was very tempting(pat on the back..)…my contact lens are running low so i bought a year supply of it plus a new spectacles. impulse buying really can kill and i think i am really good at it. went into a bookstore to buy my monthly magazine – end up with mitch albom’s latest piece “for one more day”. well, for one more day, i shop without hesitations.

6 thoughts on “shopaholic – for one more day

  1. yeah…i was looking fwd for that one more day by mitch albom..but rather spend it on a paperback than a hardcover…kemut? u bet!! hahah this is wat i call smart shopper

  2. ahahaha, hardcover is nice for collector’s item. mana tau nanti karya mamat ni jadi masterpiece semua berebut nak beli…lagipun x elok kemut utk 2 benda…food n knowledge.

  3. i was also looking forward for that book, but not to buy, i was really looking forward to borrow, can eh? well, i am also good at impulse buying…if it s once in a while, i think it can be forgiven..hehe

  4. hahaha…ko memang suka membeli belah tanpa amaran…

    selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin, halalkan semua makan, minum, terutamanya kata-kata aku yg mengguris hati ko.

    p/s: takpe kan aku komen dalam bahasa melayu. hehe

  5. aku tak buat cross drill la beb…tapi barang utk kelisa/kenari upgrade memang banyak…cth kalau aku nak upgrade front brake aku, bole pakai L9 or passo front brakes. macam keta ko…aku tak familiar.

    tp bg aku kalau keta ko standard takyah la usik brek…unless ko dah bikin kaw2 sampai brek oem takleh handle power keta ko, upgrade la ke brembo! heheh

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