festivities activities

dearest blog,

the office is really quiet today. everyone is in the festive mood. more seats are empty today compared to yesterday. the road has less traffic than the day before and i have less mood than last week. damn, i should be taking my day off today, following the crowd and not be left out of the scene…

nevermind, at least i can lounge around in the office doing nothing since most of my counterparts are on leave too, meaning there’s no information to be extracted and no datas to be collected. ketupat and rendang is on everyone’s mind.

the hype and urge to shop never fails. with the latest technologies in media advertising, people are persuaded to buy more and more. more than they ever needed. the power of psy-op! the mind is manipulated until you cannot stand the propaganda generated and you let your goodself drown into the whirlpool.

for those who drives, please drive carefully. if you can’t wait to go to the grave, please don’t drag others…

shopaholic – for one more day

dearest blog,

monday blues struck…to me it’s more like a monday haze. my vision blurs, my anticipation lacklustres, my oh my… why must we suffer the haze? to suffer from others doing is somehow kinda normal this day. victim of situation…we suffer the haze from a forest fire somewhere, i suffer traffic congestion from a stalled van nowhere to be seen (until it was like 50 metres away).

why are we so kind-hearted that we need to slow down and stop whenever there is an accident or stalled vehicle? pick your own nose, don’t dig into others. err, i think i am somewhat selfish today.

weekend is over, two days full of laziness and haziness has ended (the haze is still here to stay and worsens). no more breaking fast with pasta and grilled lamb or enjoying a cold glass of ‘for surely no nutrients’ carbonated drink while munching fish chips under the full moon (have your notice the moon is so red lately?). spending time with friends, quality time surely fly fast. relaxing under a full moon surely brings back the memories of the deserted island full of little pigs somewhere in the straits of malacca. sharing thoughts and laughters under the coconut trees while once in a while staring at the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost flying by. those were the days, the days where sitting in front of the computer is far from the mind. counting figures day in and day out just to make sure the nation progresses as it should be is not a task to look forward to…well, those were days.

i’ve made a sin yesterday. i was so bored i opted to spend some time off by myself. eventually, i bought something, or maybe a few things but they are not clothes or shoes or any accessories although the white leather belt from topshop was very tempting(pat on the back..)…my contact lens are running low so i bought a year supply of it plus a new spectacles. impulse buying really can kill and i think i am really good at it. went into a bookstore to buy my monthly magazine – end up with mitch albom’s latest piece “for one more day”. well, for one more day, i shop without hesitations.

ramadhan numbness.

dearest blog,

damn cold…it’s supercold to my liking i must say. i feel my body fat has deteriorated during ramadhan. i cannot stand the temperature sets by the centralized air-conditioning system. well, we live in a world where we cannot set the rules. the rules are there and we must abide to them or face the chopping board. it has always been like that though i’ve never experienced it personally but some of my peers have experienced it and sadly enough the pain is well-shared by many.

ramadhan comes again, this time it caught me off guard. i was busy running around here and there and then….thump! it comes…unexpectedly expected, i always look forward to savouring the tepung talam (flour tray?) and the creme caramel….bliss

the day when i became a shopaholic…

dearest blog,

my workloads seem to have taken its toll on me. sometimes i feel bored with it but sometimes i look forward to it. the fluctuations of the career where i have to juggle between professionalism and individualism. duh, what a crap. blogging once in a blue moon (is blue moon to you? i don’t think so!) makes me mentally retarded (some ppl say i am retarted – due to lack of sensibilities). i lost count of all the recollections that i had earlier on. i should blog even more, in a well-timed and planned manner but who am i to babble? i love my job, so blogging can kiss my ass goodbye…heh!

the intellectual takes as a starting point his self and relates the world to his own sensibilities; the scientist accepts an existing field of knowledge and seeks to map out the unexplored terrain. as a necessary prerequisite to the creation of new forms of expression one might, i suppose, argue that current sensibilities respond uniquely to the notion of exhaustion as exhaustion, although that does de facto seem rather limiting.what the heck…by the way, do you think my ramblings got nothing to do with the title of the entry? well, here goes…i went to isetan yesterday, bought a nice (i can say nice..) suit from ‘Ji-Too’. browse through my wallet and i got jaya jusco j-card in there…i even got sogo s-card, egenting worldcard, isetan member’s card, metrojaya priviledge card and bonuslink. owh ya, i even got a hinode shop friendly card.

i love the hinode shop tagline….”welcome, five ringgit per item!”

go figure!